Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SwEpT bY tHe FlirTiNg WiNd

Sitting alone near my window
Letting the chilly wind dangle my hair
Letting the breeze flirt with me
Sometimes on my nose
Sometimes on my eye 
Feeling the innocence
I smile
As for a change i too enjoy the dalliance
Suddenly to make the atmosphere Romantic 
I tune on my favorite numbers
Being lost with my new love
I smile
Enjoying the selfless love being shower on me
A tear drops don't know why
A remembrance strucks me
But my new love takes me to the beautiful world 
A world where stars are twinklng
A world where love is pure
The wind toying with my shyness
I grin
Mesmerized by the beloved wind
I feel Alive 


  1. Oh my god!! twinkle tat s such a beautiful piece of poetry... loved it... indeed the feel of the breeze caressing you hairs s such a mesmerizing thing.. :) beautifully pictured,,.. :)

    1. THNK YUUUUUU so muchhh niya .. ya d pic i was totly cnfsed whter it wl suit or nt bt it did ... :)