Wednesday, 21 December 2011

HoPe !!!!!!

                                   HoPe :)

Things will again fall into places...
Love will again finds its way..........
Life will again blossom like a flower...
I will again smile with all my heart n soul together...

HoPe is the key to everything ....
Saying a NoPe at dismay won't do anything....
Just saying a yes to things ....
Will turn out in my finger a ring...

Life will again be a heavenly bliss...
With the one's heart beating just for me 
Will have no chapters of my past to read....
The time i will enter the future with a someone "He"

                                                         And finally i will be a "WE"

Thursday, 13 October 2011

                                             STRANGE IT ALWAYS BEEN

strange it always been
met u accidently at that point you were nothing to me
addressing me with affection never bothered me
as i was lost in my own world

 strange it always been
lately i was concern for you without the knowledge of the feeling
jealously grew slowly and steadily from both side
but it never bothered me 

strange it always been
one fine day we become from ''I'' to ''WE''
talked the whole day still missed terribly 
but then it bothered me

strange its always been
one day you hurted me n i again become a ''I''
the pain is still unbearable
but learnt to fake a smile 

strange its always been
because i never learnt to hate you
you hurt me like hell
but baby i still love you n always will

strange its always been 
never thought we would be this closer
took you as my friend and then you became my everything
neva thought we would be this crazy 

strange it always been 
because i still believe i will forget you 
strange it always been
because i still believe  we will again be a "WE"

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I wON't

                                                 I wON't

I wON't say that I miss You ...
I wON't say that I linger for your love 
I wON't say that You are the one i thought
I wON't say that You are the one that made me feel special 
I wON't say that I still care for you 
I wON't say that life isn't the same without you
I wON't say that every night i fall asleep thinking about You
I wON't say that i always have a smile when your thought randomly pops up
I wON't say that You still look the best when i see you down from my window
I wON't say that You look so cute when You get possessive about me
I wON't say that its the best feeling to be in your arms 
I wON't say because some things are better left unsaid